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Super Boyos World Adventure

Developer: BoyoGames

Once upon a time, there was a vicious Dragon that came out of the jungle world of darkness and went to the super ninja's temple to fight and eat them. He found the super Monkey all alone in the temple. The ninja Monkey saw him coming from afar, so he rushed to get ready. The Dragon attacked the Monkey with his super strong fire shot. The Monkey hit the Dragon with his wind super attack. They were fighting for some time, but unfortunately the Dragon’s fire was too much for the poor ninja Monkey. The Dragon grabbed the Monkey with his claws and flew away from the temple.Meanwhile, the samurai Rabbit came and saw the Dragon flying away with his friend in his claws. The Rabbit got mad and told the villagers to call the Turtle and the Hedgehog immediately. When the Turtle and the Hedgehog came “Come on, let’s go! We have to save the Monkey!” – said the Rabbit.
The three brothers will need help in rescuing the super Monkey, so help them in this adventure and rescued their brother from the claws of the mighty dragon.
Super Smash Boyo World the legend of Smash Bros games bring your childhood back!
Features of Super Smash Boyo World :
• Beautiful Graphics and Fabulous animations . • 60 awesome levels .• 5 different worlds "candy,jungle,desert,snow and castle"• Very entertaining and addictive .• Classic platform game style .• 3 different characters
We hope all Super Smash Boyo World players in the world have a great time playing it!
What are you waiting for? Play Super Smash Boyo World now!
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